Rockridge Montessori

Full website design and development for Rockridge Montessori, a Montessori-focused early childhood preschool located in the Rockridge district of North Oakland in the U.S.


Barre Body

Website development for Barre Body, the renowned yoga, barre and pilates fitness training studios. With numerous studios located throughout the East Coast of Australia, as well as an online training facility, this project involved a full site rebuild including integration of forms, class timetables, and online store.

The project included all technical-related tasks, WordPress and WooCommerce website development. Website maintenance and support is an ongoing task.

Montessori Academy

Website design and development for Montessori Academy, Australia’s largest Montessori-focused early childhood group, featuring over 20 centres.


Snog The Frog Costumes & Fancy Dress

Full website design and development for Sydney-based costume hire business Snog The Frog.

The project included all design and technical-related tasks. Website maintenance and support is an ongoing task.

Field Day Music Festival

Website development for a large music festival held on New Years Day in Sydney, Australia.

Ongoing tasks include server maintenance during heavy loads and busy traffic times, website speed and server optimisation.

Dominik Mersch Gallery

Ongoing website development for Dominik Mersch Gallery.

Originating as a website that I had developed back in 2007, I converted the site over to WordPress for easier management and extensibility.

I continue to provide ongoing development and maintenance services to the gallery site, as well as many other marketing support tasks. The website has gone through a complete redesign in 2019, with many new features and functions added.



Full website design and development for a children’s STEAM educator business Wonkitz. The website provides educational materials and ecommerce workshop events & shop purchases.

The project included all design, animation scripting and technical-related tasks. Website maintenance and support is an ongoing task.

Chatime Australia

Undergoing a major refresh in 2019, Australia’s favourite bubble tea drink Chatime is an ongoing website development and maintenance project. The website includes drink menus, Franchising and HR company functions including Zendesk and Netsuite company integrations. Set up as a WordPress multi-site, the website controls numerous other Chatime country websites.

In addition to ongoing maintenance of the website and hosting-related management tasks, regular roll outs of digital campaigns, competition pages and EDM development occur throughout the year. Campaigns have included “My First Chatime”, “10 Year Loyal-Tea”, “Project Happy Turtle” environmental campaign and numerous mobile app promotions.


Nash and Copper

Full website design and development for high end rug manufacturer Nash and Copper. This project involved fully responsive animation sequences, plus carpet colour and pattern selection tools.

The project included all design and technical-related tasks. Website maintenance and support is an ongoing task.

Snowden Jones Real Estate

Website design and development for Snowden Jones, a real estate company based in Sydney, Australia.

The project involved bringing the brand into a digital format, as well as presenting the company services and property listings effectively. I was responsible for all website design and technical-related tasks.

Crown Realty Partners

Custom WordPress Plugin development for Crown Realty Partners, a real estate company based in Canada.

This project involved building a custom plugin, developed to display the property listings that are managed externally within property management software VTS ( on the Crown Realty Partners website. I was responsible for all development, including frontend HTML layouts and effects, VTS API integration functions, and setting up cron-related functions so that the Crown site remained constantly in sync with the assets and property listings in VTS.

Additional search-related functions were also developed to extend the core WordPress search functionality.

Future Classic Store

Online store for a music agency based in Sydney, Australia. Tasks included website, theme and ecommerce development using Shopify.

Academy of Intuition Medicine® Online

The Intuition Medicine® Program is a course of study in the science and practice of Intuition Medicine®.

The course provides an online study program which educates students to be fluent in the art and science of Holistic Health and Energy Medicine. All of the Academy of Intuition Medicine® classes and certification programs have been made available in an online study format provided through video lessons, texts, practice works and student Q&As.

The project involved developing ecommerce shop tools to sell the courses as a subscription service, the development of online course software and e-learning facilities, student forum and Q&A areas for student/teacher feedback, and member areas for student community interaction.

This project is ongoing with regular new feature requests, maintenance and support tasks.

Ice Chamber

Website design and development for Ice Chamber – an internationally renowned fitness training facility, located in Los Angeles, California.

The project included all design-related tasks and WordPress website development.

La Marcha Berkeley

Website for a restaurant based in Berkeley, California. Tasks included website development using a commercial theme, custom functionality, plus a re-design to suit the restaurant branding.

Access Property

Website development for Access Property, a real estate company based in Perth, Australia.

The project covered all technical-related tasks, with all pages and property listings including additional page animation effects. I was responsible for all frontend and backend development, including developing custom search-related functions so as to overcome the limitations of the core WordPress search functionality.

Listen Out Music Festival

Ongoing website development and maintenance for a large music festival held in multiple cities around Australia every year.

Tasks include all site development tasks, server setup and maintenance, website speed and server optimisation during heavy loads and busy traffic times.

What Pete Shot Photography

Website design & development for Adelaide-based photographer Pete Thornton.

Specialising in both commercial and wedding photography, this project included all website design and WordPress development tasks.

Ooey Dewy Korean Beauty

Website for an online beauty boutique selling unique and innovative skincare beauty products from Korea.

Built using the Shopify platform, the site features an online store and blog.

Cha Le Tea Merchant Café & Store

Website for a boutique tea café and store located in Vancouver’s Yaletown, Canada.

Built using the Shopify platform, the site allows users to browse the café’s menus as well as purchase the store’s tea products online.


Website for Canadian wedding dress fashion design company Laudae.

This project included improving and fixing the existing desktop website, as well as creating the mobile and tablet-compatible websites.

Ellenos – Real Greek Yoghurt

Website for Greek Yoghurt manufacturer Ellenos.

Includes extended mapping and search functions.

ARC Edit

Website design and development for film editing company ARC Edit, based in Sydney Australia. Initial design direction by Brendan Savage.


New Holland Creative

Website development for a broadcast design agency based in Sydney Australia.
Website design by the Creative Director and company founder Brendan Savage.



Design and development of a WordPress website for Los Angeles-based SAAS childcare payments software Curacubby.

The project included all design-related tasks and WordPress website development.

Institute of Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys of Australia

WordPress development for the Institute of Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys of Australia and Sydney-based software agency Harvest The Net.

The website includes news, job postings, event listings, e-commerce checkout system for membership, ticketing and event purchases, a restricted members area providing additional content such as white papers, case studies, videos and restricted members-only community events. Access can be gained via an IPTA membership that can be purchased on the site.

Extensive WordPress development tasks included ticketing and events management, e-commerce ticket and IPTA membership purchases, extended members, search and content management functions.


Nora Spanish Catering

Website design and development for a Spanish catering company servicing the San Francisco Bay area in the US.


Earls 67

Website development for a restaurant chain based in Canada. Tasks included website development using a custom built theme, and restaurant tools such as online booking, menus and jobs section.

The design features vertical sliding panels arranged horizontally across the screen which collapse to horizontally-aligned layouts when the site is viewed on smaller tablet and mobile devices.

My Cup Runneth Over

Website for Australian-based fashion design company My Cup Runneth Over.

This project involved creating a Shopify website and custom-developed theme, with online store and accompanying blog and pages.

Arts People

Website for a curatorial services agency based in Sydney, Australia. Tasks included website design and development using a custom Wordpress theme. An accompanying email newsletter developed for the Mailchimp platform was also provided.

Party Skirts

An online store for fashion brand Party Skirts. Custom theme developed using the Shopify platform.

Velvet Moth Photography Studio

Website design and development for a photography studio based in Sydney Australia. The website serves to promote the studio’s work and services.

Tiliqua Press

Website design and development for a boutique print publisher based in Sydney Australia. The site features an online store offering printed ‘objects’, books, and magazines by designers based in Australia and New Zealand.

Savio Volpe

Website for a restaurant based in Vancouver Canada. The site also features a shopping cart system, allowing customers to purchase gift vouchers.

Glasfurd and Walker

Website development for a design agency based in Vancouver Canada.


Bespoke WordPress website development for a Sydney-based branding agency.

Bentley Restaurant & Bar

One of a series of restaurant websites, the Bentley Restaurant is famous for it’s award winning food and wine selections. The site features online bookings, an online shop for gift vouchers and the Bentley book, editable menus and other pages.

Sparks Elite

Bespoke website design and WordPress website development.

Sydney Medical Specialists

Custom bespoke WordPress theme development for a Sydney medical specialists venue. One page scrolling techniques were developed, with enhanced SEO optimisation.

ACS Bathrooms

Magento website development, maintenance and support. Technical SEO optimisation, server speed optimisation, ongoing maintenance requests.

Lisa Blue

Magento ecommerce and WordPress website development.

The project included all front-end and backend development with a responsive build.

Magento was used as the backend for the online store, and WordPress used for all other pages and blog.

Kenneth Craig Lambert

Website showcasing the artworks for artist Kenneth Craig Lambert.

The project included developing a custom WordPress theme with responsive design development for all desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Knappstein Wines

Ecommerce website development for a winery based in the Clare Valley.
Built for Sydney-based digital agency The White Agency.

Developed using Magento Enterprise, this is one of a series of wine websites for parent company Lion Wines.

Future Classic Design

Project showcase for design agency Future Classic Design. Project tasks included extensive animation programming using the jQuery javascript framework.

Coconut Essence

Ecommerce website development using WordPress and the Shopify ecommerce platform.

Tasks included responsive design and development targeting numerous mobiles, tablets and desktop sizes. The website includes a blog, recipes section, stockist integration with Google maps search functions and a full ecommerce solution with a Shopify checkout system.

Website built using a bespoke Wordpress theme – no theme templates were used.
A custom theme was also developed for the Shopify platform.

Peachy Print

Website development for a printing company based in Sydney.

Tasks included all front-end and back-end programming. Responsive design & development for mobile and tablet devices. Custom WordPress theme development, with all text and image content managed via a WordPress content management system.

Sheepish Lion

Website Development for a Sydney-based production company.

Tasks included all front-end and back-end programming. Responsive design & development for mobile and tablet devices.

Custom WordPress theme development, with all text and media managed via purpose-built WordPress templates.

Thai Riffic Sauce

Holding page whilst the Thai Riffic Sauce website is redeveloped.

Ink Project

Ink Project were having troubles with their existing Expression Engine content management platform.

Development tasks included porting the site over to Wordpress and adding responsive media queries to enable a mobile-compatible website. The CMS functionality was also extended to allow for more control over projects.

Design tasks included responsive design development to provide a responsive site that could work on mobile devices and tablets.

Dr Morris

Website development for Sydney-based Obstetrician Dr Morris.